May 2, 2022

Episode 34: Hows it (Hobby) Hangin?

J&J Catch up. 

Feb 7, 2022

Episode 33: Gavin a good time.

We talk top 5 bagels with LVO winner Gavin Grigar and Jiwan Noah Singh. 

Oct 30, 2021

Episode 32: Vince After Dark

Yeah thats right Vinny V joins jacob and joe to talk about soup. 

Sep 5, 2021

Episode 31: Nahscon 2021.

Joe and Jacob Get together two weeks after nashcon to try and piece together what they can remember after drinking as much as they did. 

Jul 25, 2021

Episode 30: 3.0 and Mo’

Joe and Jacob catch up the evening after Joe played in a 3.0 RTT. They also take listener questions. 

Jun 15, 2021

Episode 29: Season 4. Atlantic City Open

Joe and Jacob finally reunite to get hammered together at a tournament and are joined by Noah, James O'Brian and Joe Krier. Prepare for drunken shenanigan's. 

May 17, 2021

Episode 28 - This episode title has nothing to do with the content.

Joe and Jacob chat about their upcoming plans for The Atlantic City Open and then do a book review of soulbight via crap quality leaks they found on the internet. Enjoy. 

PS Hi Marshall! 

Apr 11, 2021

Episode 27- Getting Squiggy Widdit.

Joe and Jacob are joined by the man the myth the legend Jiwan Noah Singh, whos some how managed to only lose 1 tournament game with squigs across 40 games. 

Feb 21, 2021

Episode 26: Daughters of Corporate Greed

Sam Morgan joins the cast to talk the new DoK battletome, and the three of us talk about the damage done to the podcast community by the pleasant for plastic crowd. 

Feb 1, 2021

Episode 25: Ashton Paints!

In this episode Joe and Jacob Have an Unexpected guest, talk about nothing, glaze over some age of sigmar, and catch up with some seriously sexy people 

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